Proyecto ReMix - CIEnfuegos/Havana - March/April 2009




Phase I, Proyecto ReMix in Cienfuegos brought together artists, cultural workers, students, community members and audiences through the support of Rafaela Perna and her staff at the Arts Centre.

Project co-curated by Rafaela Perna, Ingrid Mayrhofer and Yuneikys Villalonga

Exhibition at La Casa in Havana curated by Yuneikys Villalonga and Bryce Kanbara.

Canadian Artists:

Sadko Hadzihasanovic

Shelley Niro

Fleur-Ange Lamothe

Bryce Kanbara

Andrew McPhail

Anne Milne with Alberto Velóz

Delio Delgado

Peter Karuna

Colina Maxwell

Alison Judd


Cuban artists:

Josuhé Pagliery/Noél Serrano/Rodrigo/Lala

(Popeye's Golden Theory)

Adrian Rumbaut

Janet Martínez Molina

Ernesto Rodriguez

Osmany Caro

Romel Romero

Leonardo Luis Roque

Rafael Cáceres

Alexander Morales

Alberto Veloz

Pavel Acosta

William Pérez

Harold Vázquez

Glenda León

Glenda Salazar


Funded in part by OAC (Visual Arts Projects, International Touring and Exhibition Assistance Grants), Canada Council for the Arts (Visiting Foreign Artists and Visual Arts Travel Grants)


contact: Hamilton
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