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Guest Artists

Nery Espinoza

Melanie Fernandez


Asselin Charles

Zoraida Anaya

Lynn Hutchinson

Red Tree Hamilton:

Klyde Broox

Ingrid Mayrhofer

Tara Bursey

Elizabeth Seidl


Founding Members:

Amanda Hale

Lynn Hutchinson

Georgia watterson




The mandate of the Red Tree artists' collective is to work in interdisciplinary and cross-cultural collaboration with artists and/or community members


Cross-cultural collaborative artistic practice/curatorial processes are central to all aspects of creation/presentation, and in place as programming policy since inception (1989).

Operating from project to project, Red Tree members form sub-collectives as required.

Projects are driven by specific cultural practices or community issues.

Red Tree positions inclusive and collective process against disciplinary canons.

Collective members may invite guest artists, cultural workers, community members, solidarity or other groups and individuals to participate in a project.


Recent Highlights

Workshop Series in partnership with the Pipeline Trail Develpment Team

Art Education Project at Prince of Wales

Partnership with Hamilton Dialogues to present deLight festival in 2017 & 2018.




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