Intergenerational and Multidisciplinary 
workshops for grades 1 to 4 at Prince of Wales Public School coordinated by Tara Bursey

Mural Trail 
starting with Leonard Hutchinson's print "Websters Falls" (ca 1935), we intend to place artworks 
on garages and sheds of participating residences along the trail. Thanks to Bethany and Ed for 
hosting the Mural Trailhead near Fairfield Avenue.

For the past two years, Red Tree has collaborated on Hamilton Dialogues' deLight Festival.
1000 Bottles Waterfall was installed in Delta Park in February 2017 and at the AGH sculpture
court in 2018.
GArbaGE Forest, 2018, in Gage Park was created with more than 1000 plastic shopping bags. 
Inflated by blowers, the trees swayed in the wind like sky dancers. 

Art on the Trail
The East End of Hamilton is home to the Pipeline Trail, a 6 km, 20 m wide trail
that was built between 1856-1859, and contains the pipes carrying water 
from the Waterworks at Woodward Avenue to a reservoir located in the Niagara
escarpment. During the past 3 years, a group of community members has been
working together to revitalize the trail. Their achivements include a Pollinator’s Garden 
(established in 2015); regular clean- up efforts and an annual parade which this year includes 
dancers, drummers and a DJ.
In collaboration with Pipeline Trail Hamilton And Hamilton Dialogues, Red Tree is participating
in a series of workshops for artists and community members to explore different disciplines and 
ideas in 2017/18. 
This pilot project is part of our plan to engage our neighbours in collectively creating artworks 
and events, and to introduce artmaking as a permanent feature of the trail.


August: Relief Printing with Ingrid Mayrhofer at Indwell Strathearne Suites

September: Lantern making with Hitoko Okada at Hamilton Regional Indian Centre

September: Dance with Sound Effect Crew at Geraldine Copps Parkette (part of the Parade)

October: Casting with Tara Bursey at the Hamilton Children's Museum

November: Dub Poetry with Klyde Broox at ARCH


January: Digital Pinhole Photography with Brian Piitz at the Hamilton Museum of Steam and Technology

March: Paper Doll/Creatures with Johanna Chaytor

April: Pottery with Judy Sault at HRIC

The workshops are coordinated by Elizabeth Seidl and Bethany Osborne. For more information and to register for a workshop, please contact Bethany.

supported by the Ontario Arts Council and the City of Hamilton




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